Wedding planning can be stressful. It can suck the fun out of the entire wedding experience. It does not have to be that way in your search for a wedding photographer. We aim to be the vendor you do not need to worry about when planning your auspicious occasion. The wedding experience with us as your photographers is organized and flexible. Our wedding photography packages are transparent, simple and easy to understand.


Due to the heavy influence of smart phones and social media, wedding photographers in Atlanta have to constantly battle against the phenomenon of "instant gratification". We have a different approach when it comes to our wedding photography packages in Atlanta or anywhere in the world.


Realistically speaking, will you be passing your social media accounts, smart phones, and old hard drives containing digital images of your wedding to your children and grand children? Have you ever thought about the experience of going through your smart phone with your significant other when reminiscing about your wedding weekend? We feel such an experience would lack the emotional depth that you can potentially experience with a hand held photograph or flipping an album. This is the reason we offer an album and canvas prints with all our wedding packages.


We simply refuse to offer any wedding photography packages without an album or prints.

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It's quoted that an image is worth a thousand words...the images we capture are worth an entire chapter of your life story

La Bella Studio


Our Wedding Photography Packages and Prices

wedding photographer in Atlanta capturing hindu bride and groom for their wedding portrait session at The McDaniel Farm Park in Duluth.

starting from $4250

  • All wedding photography services include One (1) Album with edited images designed by us and made in U.S.A
  • All wedding photography packages include an Engagement Portrait Session
  • Canvas Prints
  • Images with basic color correction on Hard Drive provided by Bride / Groom (Shared Copyrights - No Logo)

For Wedding Photography Outside Atlanta, the only additional things we request is:


01. Lodging


02. Air Fare + Car Rental (For wedding photography NOT in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina)


Additional Service & Upgrades

Engagement shoot outside Atlanta - Varies by location


Engagement shoot within atlanta - $900 (2 Hours)


additional photographer - $800 per event


video services (limited availability | 12 hours - 1 day) - $2200


additional videographer for drone / gimbal - $950


album cover upgrade - $350


Parent albums - $650 per album


engagement session guest book (10"x10" - 16 pages) - $450



What is an album?

A digital album (a.k.a Coffee Table Book) is a printed album containing edited images from your engagement session and wedding event. It has pages which are thicker than a magazine so they don't bend or crease easily.


All the images and albums are edited, designed by us and printed in United States for optimal quality...Don't believe us then come over and we can show you sample albums dated back to 2004. We do not send anything overseas.

What is a standard cover vs custom cover?

A digital album standard cover is a cover made of leatherette (not real leather) with your names embossed or canvas paper containing your images.


A digital album custom cover is a cover that is made out of acrylic, metal, or wood. It contains a custom image and your name that is designed by us.

Why do your package prices differ from other wedding photographers in Atlanta or elsewhere?

Wedding photographers are a dime a dozen these days and only a few have the level of experience like us. In addition, our wedding service extends beyond the wedding event. All the wedding vendors you hire will eventually end their service once the event is over. Wedding photographers still have to spend hours backing up your wedding data, editing and designing your album, and pay for the albums and canvas prints.

What is the process to hire La Bella Studio Wedding Photography?

01. Fill out the contact form


02. Akbar Ukani (Main Photographer) will connect with you for additional details via email or phone.


03. We will have a phone conversation or an in-person meeting.


04. We will send a contract containing all the details, pricing and delivery time frame.


05. We will schedule a call to go over the contract. This is important to avoid misunderstandings and answer questions (It's a simply worded contract but it's a bit me it's worth it)


06. We will sign the contract and complete the formalities


07. We will schedule dates, times and location for photo shoots and other wedding event details.

I have more questions but I need to speak with you?

Sure, please fill out the contact form. We will be more than happy to connect with you at a date and time that works best for both of us.

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