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As wedding photographers in Atlanta, we had the pleasure of capturing Nikita & Kunal for their Indian wedding in Clemson, South Carolina. The wedding event was at the Greenville Marriott. The day started off with a little bit of rain and clouds. Wedding photographers in Atlanta have to adapt and always be a step ahead to the changing conditions in the southern part of United States. This worked out for us. As wedding photographers, we had no choice but to make it work.

In order to compensate for the low sunlight, we added some artificial light into our images. This helped us to enhance the beautiful colors which are part of an Indian bride’s outfit. In addition, this also helped us in bringing out the wedding details. However, we had to also be mindful of the shadows on Nikita’s face. Therefore, we added a white diffuser to soften the shadows on Nikita’s face.

The wedding images below of the bride getting ready, the groom arriving for the wedding, and the wedding portraits are some of our favorite wedding images as wedding photographers. We loved the vibrance and contrast between the highlights and the shadows.

Following the pre-wedding ceremonies, it was time for the the main wedding ceremonies. Wedding photographers in Atlanta should know that Hindu wedding ceremonies can be long and an engaging priest can make it fun. The priest for Nikita and Kunal’s wedding ceremony was very jovial. He kept everyone’s interest in the ceremony through his witty sayings and jokes. This is a boon for any wedding photographer. Not only did it make our job easier but it also helped us capture people laughing and having a good time at the wedding ceremony. The beautiful image we captured from the Indian wedding ceremony is a testament to wonderful time. These expressions is what we strive to capture as wedding photographers in Atlanta.

Following the main wedding ceremonies, it was time for Nikita to depart for the farewell ceremonies. Every culture has a different term for this wedding ceremony. The Hindu culture calls this ceremony as “Vidai” or “Bidai”. The muslim culture calls this wedding ceremony “Rukhsati”. The wedding image of the Bride saying farewell to her father is exactly the wedding moment we aim to capture as wedding photographers. One can see the bond that Nikita shares with her father while they have their moment together. Furthermore, you can see some of the expressions of folks in the background. Maybe the folks laughing in the background were just happy that the long event had come to an end…just kidding.

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