Roswell Mill Creek Atlanta Engagement | Zeenat + Khizir

It had been a minute or two since we had carried out a Roswell Mill Creek Atlanta Engagement and Jackson Street Bridge engagement session as wedding photographers in Atlanta. After speaking with Zeenat and Khizir about their engagement session, Roswell Mill Creek was the first location that came to my mind. They wanted to incorporate nature and more importantly fall in their engagement portraits. I didn’t think twice about the weather being cold for their Roswell Mill Creek Atlanta engagement session. Firstly, both of them were from Chicago, IL so the weather being a factor was simply non-existent. Secondly, the idea of having a waterfall encompassing the fall weather sounded quite exciting to them. At that point, going into the engagement session would be a fall breeze. Yes, definitely pun intended here!! 🙂

As wedding photographers in Atlanta, we have a natural instinct to get early to our destination for multiple reasons. Firstly, traffic is usually always bad in Atlanta. Secondly, we wanted to scope out the place since we had not done an engagement session at the Old Roswell Mill Creek. I was surprised by the changes at the location. Right past the bridge over the creek, the city had built a wonderful new boardwalk with some stones. Once I noticed it, my natural inclination was to focus half of the engagement session time in that area. Unlike other wedding photographers in Atlanta, I am not thrilled about the bridge. First of all, It has bad light in the afternoon. Secondly, it is a very busy area for an engagement session at the Old Roswell Mill Creek in Atlanta.

After our Old Roswell Mill Creek Atlanta engagement session, we did a Jackson Street Bridge engagement session in Atlanta. Well, we almost never made it to our second location if it wasn’t for superb braking. A moron almost decides to run into us with his Mercedes by making an illegal shift into my lane. If I was half a second late then it would have been disaster. Engagement portraits at The Jackson Street Bridge in downtown Atlanta never disappoints. We have a skyline which is as good as any major city in the United States.

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